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Entrepreneurship is vital for sustainable growth. That's why every country and economic unions have various support programmes to encourage entrepreneurship by means of offering mostly financial models to attract people to become entrepreneurs. Women are much less likely than men to start a business where women entrepreneurship is increasingly recognised as a key source of employment creation and innovation, and for addressing inequalities.

Young women entrepreneurs over total women entrepreneurs statistics are giving similar results but Slovakia and Poland are in  better position than Turkey and Finland, however still there are too much to do for increasing these young women entrepreneur rates as the average is slightly above 4% for young women self-employment in total women self-employed.

One of the significant reasons for entrepreneurship among young is to continue to their family business, where "role model" is a big factor for start ups. Therefore, a greater inclusion of well trained role models and mentors will support young women start-ups also if these young women are preparing to take over their family business or aiming to be entrepreneur for some other reasons. Mentors as role models are valuable because they counsel women entrepreneurs where they are and help them decide where they want to be in thefuture. Mentoring enables women entrepreneurs to realize what is possible and attainable

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