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Aims of our "Entrepreneur Mentor" project idea are based on the recent picture of young women's entrepreneurship needs:

- Better and more organised supporting young women in their entrepreneurship motivation and initiation. Even the need of discovering/locating financing, which is one of the biggest barriers for women entrepreneurs especially in Turkey, which is directly connected to financial literacy and which is one the most important subjects of mentoring; e-Mentoring,

- Much more efficient contact channels to be established for these young women; via universities that they are studying and/or about to graduate and/or already graduated, and/or via more conscious women NGOs, whose awareness level are to be boosted and be used as an important bridges; Universities and women NGOs,

- Those experienced entrepreneurs (Mentors) to be motivated and trained to share their invaluable experiences with these young start up women; e-Mentor training focusing on financial literacy,

- Young women entrepreneurs to "learn" how to find their ways in this early stage of their entrepreneurship construction; Mentee training, proper and scientific oriented but user friendly and target oriented, aiming teaching by enjoying,

- Ensure proper meeting of mentors and mentees for this purpose; Tailor made - peer to peer - system based, cognitive matchmaking.

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